Project leaflet: it provides project overview, objectives and features. It can be downloaded here: PDF Project leaflet

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Outreach activities involving high school students:

  • “Simulation of ground water natural filtration” (demonstration activity by Masho Hilawie Belay (ESR1) and Ilaria Berruti (ESR11); 7 February 2019)
  • “Be the solution to water pollution: Analysis and removal of pollutants from water. What do we have to do to make Goccia happy?” (demonstration activity by Dimitra Papagiannaki (ESR6); 19 February 2019)
  • “Removal of pollutants with a termo-catalyst” (demonstration activity by Fabrício Eduardo Bortot Coelho – ESR14; 18 March 2019)
Simulation of ground water natural filtration (Masho Hilawie Belay and Ilaria Berruti)
Analysis and removal of pollutants from water (Dimitra Papagiannaki)
Removal of pollutants with a termo-catalyst (Fabrício Eduardo Bortot Coelho)

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Events held directly by the network members at their local structures or in their geographical area:

AQUAlity was presented at:

  • the 10th European meeting on Solar Chemistry and Photocatalysis: Environmental Applications – SPEA10, in Almería (Spain) 4-8 June, 2018

Praktikum event 2018 (25-29 June 2018, Alicante – Spain) – devoted to introducing students from high school to the tasks that are developed in a research lab.

Festival dell’Innovazione e della Scienza di Settimo Torinese 2018 (14-21 October 2018, Settimo Torinese – Italy) , conceived to open Science to the general public

PrimaVera Festa 2019 (18 May 2019): organised at High School Primo Levi and open to citizens: it involved a joint laboratory of projects AQUAlity, ProGiReg and ReHorti

Sustainability Treevial, Objective “Clean water and sanitation” – 25 September 2019, Torino University. Download the event agenda at this link.

Booklet 2018

A summary of the first year’s communication and dissemination activities can be downloaded at this link: AQUAlity_booklet_Years 2018 and 2019.pdf

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