IRIS s.r.l., Italy

IRIS srl, founded in 2012, is an innovative SME specialised in developing applications of laser and plasma technologies focusing on advanced manufacturing and clean tech sector. IRIS employs engineers and scientists with a strong and multidisciplinary background in industrial laser, plasma technology, CNC machining, materials, energy, waste and water management. From this knowledge and expertise and successful partnerships with local and international SMEs and research organisations are born IRIS’ most successful ideas and projects. IRIS core business is today the development and qualification of new processes/equipment solution for laser and plasma processing technologies. The process qualification includes cost and energy consumption assessment, eco labelling certification, construction and characterisation of prototype equipment. The company is co-applicant in two patent applications submitted to the European Patent Office in November 2014: “Device, system, and method for the treatment of liquid waste waters” (BEP 18027) and “Device and system for plasma treatment of solid waste” (BEP 18028).

Person in charge: Dr. Manuel Lai

FACSA, Spain

Sociedad Fomento Agrícola Castellonense, S.A. (FACSA) is a company specialised in water cycle management. The company offers water cycle management services, from collection and processing to distribution and depuration. FACSA supplies water over 1,000,000 people and provides sewage and water treatment services for an equivalent population of 2,000,000. The main task of FACSA is based on drinking water management, from exploration to treatment and distribution of water. FACSA manages more than 240 WWTP and is in charge of more than 315 chlorination systems. It has a specialized team and infrastructures to research and apply the latest technologies and advanced management systems. Areas where FACSA is active are treatment technology, purifying technology, advanced management systems and automation.

Person in charge: Dr. Núria Zamorano López

INERIS, France

The INERIS (Institut National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risques) is a French public research body whose mission is to carry out or commission studies and research programs aimed at preventing the risks brought about by economic activities on health, the safety of persons and property and on the environment, and to provide any services intended to facilitate the adaptation of companies with this objective in mind. Regarding water quality, the INERIS actively participates within the European NORMAN network ( in working groups focusing on prioritization of emerging contaminants, passive sampling, non-target analysis, and wastewater reuse. At a national scale, the INERIS belongs to the AQUAREF consortium which is a reference national body in charge of helping the implementation of the monitoring of water quality in France and improve the quality of the monitoring data.
Person in charge: Dr. Azziz Assoumani


ISALIT is a research spin-off of University of Piemonte Orientale, Italy. ISALIT is fully devoted to research activities that ranges from analytical chemistry to biochemistry. ISALIT has a well equipped analytical chemistry laboratory located in the new Center for Translational Research on Autoimmune and Allergic Diseases in Novara.
Person in charge: Dr. Marcello Manfredi

MIRTEC, Greece

MIRTEC S.A. (Materials Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre) is a multi-sectoral and multi-technological Center, active in Applied Research, Technological Development, Certification and Quality Control in a wide range of materials and products.
MIRTEC SA holds a unique expertise and know-how in a wide range of materials and supports significant industrial sectors through leading edge technology and transfer knowledge, improving their competitiveness and competence by adding value to their products. The company performs testing and certification ensuring that materials, products and structures conform to standards and meet specifications. MIRTEC is a Notified Body (NB. 0437) for Products Certification in the European Union and member of IQNet – International Certification Network. In Greece acts as the National Accredited Certification Body, with a broad range of certification fields and with privately owned laboratories accredited to EN ISO/IEC17025 for: metallic materials, building materials, ceramics, polymers, textiles, synthetics, fibrous materials etc. During long course of professional and research activity, MIRTEC has accumulated precious knowledge and experience and produces several innovative products with tailor made properties for national and international market.

Person in charge: Dr. Vassilis Stathopoulos

NIVA, Norway

NIVA is a major environmental research institute, and the only institute in Norway covering all aquatic ecosystems; rivers and lakes, coastal waters, the open ocean in addition to urban areas. The Institute combines research, monitoring, assessments, remediation and consulting, all with an interdisciplinary approach. NIVA has cutting edge analytical instrumentation and large-scale research facilities for fish farming. NIVA offers a broad and multidisciplinary competence in aquatic disciplines, innovation and commercial exploitation of research results.
Person in charge: Malcolm Reid

IFE, Norway

The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is a non-profit independent research foundation located in two poles in Norway: Kjeller and Halden. IFE is one of the largest research institutes in Norway and is in the forefront of several fields within international energy research, safety, environmental-, petroleum- and nuclear technology as well as in pharmaceutical formulation and research development. IFE develops new technological solutions for the industry and public sector in more than 30 countries worldwide and gathers 24 advanced laboratories including the IFE’s Isotope Laboratories which has an extensive activity in the field of nuclear medicine and development of new radiopharmaceuticals compounds. IFE is also the host of the International OECD Halden Reactor Project. Since 2013, IFE has been a global contract manufacturer of the radioactive drug Xofigo® for the pharmaceutical company Bayer. IFE has worked very close to the pharmaceutical industry through several departments to perform research studies over new drugs. The Institute is currently involved in more than 200 international projects with a turnover of 100 million € per year. The Process Analytical Chemistry team of the Tracer Department has a large and recognized expertise in the advanced tracking of chemical processes for different industrial clusters: petroleum, geothermal activities, mines, environment, aquaculture, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Person in charge: Dr. Laura Ferrando-Climent  

Eurofins VBM Laboratoriet, Denmark

Eurofins VBM Laboratoriet is an accredited environmental laboratory under DANAK (national accreditation body in Denmark appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority) and employs approx. 90 employees in Aabybro (Norther Denmark) and Rødovre (Near center of Copenhagen). VBM is one of the leading laboratories in Denmark in the field of environmental- and geotechnical analyzes in connection with construction projects, and thus services in soil- and water pollution, indoor climate and building screening, etc. VBM is part of the Eurofins Group which employs approx. 800 employees in Denmark. Eurofins is part of the international group Eurofins Scientific with more than 35,000 employees in over 44 countries and performed more than 360 million analyzes globally in 2017. More information about our company are available on the website.
Person in charge: Dr. Peter Bondgaard Mortensen