Courses for PhD students

This page show a list of academic courses that could be interesting for AQUAlity ESRs and other PhD students.
Please note that AQUAlity is not responsible for organizing these courses. For accurate and up-to-date information please check the official source indicated by the organizers of each course, or the website of the correspondent institution.


PhD courses in UNITO (Torino):
  • Electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems, deadline for registration 31 May 2018
  • Optimization and computation of thermodynamic properties and phase diagrams, 7-8 June 2018
  • Ion bream techniques for material science, beginning 21 May 2018
  • Advanced methods of organic chemistry for the preparation of functional materials, deadline for inscription 15 June 2018
  • School of Cristallography by CrisDi (Interdepartmental center for crystallography), deadline for inscription 14 May through the form you find at the website.
Course title Teacher Hours Date 
Economics of Innovation and Green Technologies F. Quatraro 3       








Organization, Innovation and Value Measures F. Barbera 3 20/11/2018       



Data Science and Circular Economy G.L. Pozzato 4 26/11/2018
Circular Economy and Public Policies S. Ravazzi 4 04/12/2018
Public Policies for the environment R. Zotti 3       






Innovation, sustainability and new business models M. Pironti 4       







PhD courses in AAU (Aalborg):

Course title Place ECTS Date of next course
Professional Communication AAU 2.5 7-9.11.2018
Writing and Reviewing Scientific Paper AAU 3.75 whole course in 2 parts on:18.09.2018 and 13.11.2018
Academic Writing AAU 2.5 whole course in 2 parts on: 1-2.10 and 12-13.11.2018
International Scientific Networking – a Practical Approach AAU 1 6.09.2018
Ethics and Social Responsibilities for Scientists and Engineers in the 21st Century AAU Copenhagen 2.5 5-7.12.2018
Academic Information Searching, Publishing and Management AAU 2 5-6.11.2018
Advanced experimental techniques: Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy AAU 4 29.10-3.11.2018
Project Management and Interpersonal Skills AAU 2 20-21.11.2018


PhD courses in UPV (Valencia):
  • Prof. M. A. Miranda and Prof. M. Luisa Marin teaching basic photochemistry as part of the subject called Advanced organic chemistry within the Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry at the UV. This part runs for 20 hours (ten sessions of 2 hours each between October and December every year). Although it runs in Spanish we agreed to offer the ESRs that are at that moment in our city or nearby to attend the subject and certify their assistance.
    The official link of the Master is: Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry.
  • Prof. M. Luisa Marin teach a subject called Applied Photochemistry (in English) every year from the beginning of February to the end of March. This subject has a total of 45 hours including lab sessions. It is an optional subject for last year undergraduates. However,  it is relevant for students who need to improve their basic understanding of photochemistry at the same time they start their experimental project. ESRs interested in it can be accepted and their assistance can be certified.
    This is the official page: Applied Photochemistry.
  • Every year from April to June an official CSIC course devoted to basic experimental and instrumental lab techniques runs at our Institute. The registration is free and upon assistance, the students receive an official certificate. A spot for interested ESRs can be guaranteed. The course runs in Spanish.
    This is the official page: Curso de Especialización.


PhD courses in CNRS (Clermont-Ferrand):

A possible socio-professional local training in English: Increase PhD employability through advanced and innovative approaches from strategy consulting. More details about the course are available here.
For information about other courses (in French), see the Catalogue des modules socio-professionnels 2017/2018


PhD courses in PSA (Almerìa):

“Practical course on Ionic Chromatography applied to wastewater treatment analysis”. A 2 days course held by the company Gomensoro at PSA the 24th and 25th of May 2018.

PhD courses in KTU (Trabzon):

List courses 2019


Free online course – IN SPANISH – developed by Universitat Jaume I and AQUAlity Partner Organisation FACSA about urban wastewater treatment plants:

Estaciones de Depuración de Aguas Residuales (EDAR): Funcionamiento y Explotación (4ª ed. Online)